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When you need a new roof, you want a reliable Roofing Company in Edmond OK that has many years of experience installing all types of roofs. Look no further than Edmond Roofing Pros. We take pride in providing expert advice and friendly knowledgeable service. Through every step of the process, we work with you to ensure that you receive the best job for your investment. We want to install a new roof on your home or business that lasts for many years. No worries for you, we answer all of your questions to alleviate any concerns. 

Do not hesitate to ask us any question that you might have. Clear communication is key to the process of installing a new roof. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their finished roof. You take pride in your home and we take pride in doing the best job for you.

Have you asked yourself lately, “Who is the best roofer near me?”  Well at Edmond Roofing Pros. customer service is very important to us. When you walk through the door of our company, we want to you be comfortable and confident in our ability to install a quality roof on your home or business. There should be no doubt in your mind that you received the best roof job from Edmond Roofing Pros. We want you to tell all your friends that you received top-notch customer service all the way through from the beginning to end of your roof project. In fact, we have a full portfolio of successfully completed roof projects to show you. One of our hallmarks is friendly service accompanied by quality workmanship that keeps our customer list continually growing year after year. We are a premier roofing company in Edmond OK.

Roofing Services Offered:

Nestled within the walls of your abode lies a sanctuary, a personal refuge where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and relish in the warmth and comfort of your loved ones. Your home is a true reflection of your personal journey, showcasing your unique personality and individual style. But what truly elevates your dwelling to the status of a home?
The answer lies in the roof, the essential element that ensures the safety and well-being of all who reside within. 

A well-crafted roof not only protects against the elements but also plays a crucial role in regulating temperature, providing insulation, and imbuing your home with a sense of security and stability. Invest in a roof that reflects the beauty and elegance of your home and elevates your living space to the epitome of luxury and comfort.

That’s why at Edmund Roofing Pros, we are dedicated to elevating your roofing experience. Our commitment to providing the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective roof replacement and installation services in Edmond is unwavering. Our professional team of seasoned roofers is outfitted with the latest tools and equipment, including high-quality machinery, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless journey from start to finish. Trust in our expertise and allow us to elevate the integrity of your home with our exceptional roofing services.

From the instant you call us, you will feel the difference. Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service and unparalleled quality at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted roofing companies in Edmond because we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations in all aspects of our business — from our knowledgeable and experienced staff to the quality of our products and services. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value while maintaining the highest standards in customer service.
So why prolong the inevitable? It’s time to put your worries aside and let our team of experts take care of everything. We will perform a thorough inspection, provide you with a written estimate and then get right to work on your roof. You can rest assured that we will stand by our work 100% — it’s as simple as that!

Roof — the crowning glory of any abode — is a critical aspect of maintaining the structural integrity of your home. A damaged or poorly maintained rooftop can lead to a plethora of issues, from pesky leaks and mold growth to energy inefficiency and beyond. To ensure your rooftop remains the bulwark of your home, it is crucial to collaborate with a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor, such as Edmond Roofing Pros, who possess the expertise and skill to keep your rooftop in top-notch condition.

At Edmond Roofing Pros, being your premier roof repair contractor, we grasp the significance of maintaining the crown of your home in pristine condition. That’s why we offer a plethora of expert roof repair services, ranging from essential repairs and upkeep to comprehensive roof replacement. Whether you’re grappling with a leaky roof, missing shingles, or other predicaments, our team of seasoned and adept roofing specialists is here to assist you — ensuring your roof remains a solid, dependable shield for your home and all its inhabitants. 

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget, and our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every project we undertake. Trust us to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your roof and take the first step towards a more secure and comfortable home.

Further boasting decades of experience and expertise, we are a proven leader in the roofing industry. From commercial to residential, we offer high-quality products and services for all of your needs — including extensive repairs that require complete disassembly and reassembly of your roof to the usuals, such as shingle replacement and installation, we are the go-to roofing contractors for all of your needs.

Our team of contractors and technicians is highly skilled and certified, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unrivaled. You can rely on us for exceptional quality workmanship and service, no matter the size or scope of your project.

When you think about the roof, what comes to mind? For most people, the image that comes to mind is probably a triangle-shaped piece of material that covers the top of your home or business building. But what if that roof… what if that roof… didn’t work? Well, you’d have a problem, that’s for sure.

Your roof is not just a pretty decoration on top of your building — it’s actually one of the most important parts of your structure. It protects your home or business from the outside environment and keeps the inside clean and safe. But if your roof is damaged or leaking, you’re not just being inconvenienced — you’re putting your safety at risk.

It’s not just about the money you’ll lose because of the damage to your property or the loss of personal items that occur when water gets into a building; it’s about the safety of your family. And when it comes to emergencies like this, you want someone on your side who will come to your aid without delay. 

You want an emergency roofing company that will get to work as soon as possible and get your roof fixed quickly and efficiently. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Edmond Roofing Pros. 

We are an established emergency roofing company based in Edmond, serving the surrounding areas with prompt, reliable service at a fair price.
We are a locally owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we take pride in our workmanship and customer service. 

Our team of experienced and trained technicians is prepared to handle any roofing job, from minor repairs to major replacements — we’ll take care of everything until your roof is back in place and ready for use. So, if you’re in need of an emergency roofing service, look no further than Edmond Roofing Pros.

A Full Service Roofer in Edmond OK

For many years, Edmond Roofing Pros has been installing commercial and residential roofs. We are experienced at installing all types of materials and styles of roofs. We use up-to-date methods coupled with the latest technology and tools. We use only high quality roofing materials. All roofing products have a warranty. You need a roof that protects your residence or commercial building. A solid roof keeps out the inclement weather. 

A roof retains the cool air in the summer season and keeps out the cold air during the winter months. Let us help you with solving your roof problems. When your home or business are protected by a stable roof, life is good. Let us show you how a new roof installation project can improve the value of your residential or business property. We realize that new roof can be expensive and that everyone has budget concerns.

We will work with you to reach an affordable budget for your roof project. We use your choices and input to select the correct style of roof and materials to be used to install a roof on your residence, garage, or commercial structure. Our top priority is our customer’s happiness and satisfaction. We believe in keeping open lines of communication. Throughout the installation process, you can call, text, or email us with your questions, comments, and concerns. We have teams of trained and certified roof installation experts. No cutting corners or shortcuts are used by our roof installation teams. 

When we install your roof, you can count on us to do an effective job. When the installation process is complete, we schedule an appointment with you to review the completed roof. To finish the installation process, we discuss the roof, the contract details, and you provide your approval. When searching for a Roofing Company in Edmond, OK you will be hard pressed to find a more thorough roofer in Edmond.

TYPES OF ROOFING AVAILABLE: Asphalt Shingle Roofing | SPF Roofing | Wood Shingle Roofing | Built-Up Roofing | Metal Roofing | Tile Roofing

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Our Metal Roofing is Tough to Beat

The crowning glory of any architectural masterpiece, the roof is an integral aspect of the building’s structural integrity, shielding its inhabitants from the whims of Mother Nature while elevating the aesthetic appeal — and overall value — of the property. As such, roofing systems must be built to last, and when a new roof is installed on an existing home or commercial property, it’s important that the materials used to construct it are durable and reliable.

Metal roofing is a viable option for homeowners and commercial property owners looking to add value to their buildings while protecting them from the elements. Further boasting a long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and an unparalleled level of durability, metal roofing offers a number of benefits — including energy efficiency and excellent durability — that are sure to appeal to the homeowner or commercial property owner.

But installing a metal roof is more than just a matter of laying down some sheets of metal. It requires an extensive understanding of the material, as well as of the various types and styles available. And the best way to ensure that you get the roof you want is to work with a company that specializes in metal roofing — and one that can help guide you through every step of the process.

Edmond Roofing Pros, being your premier roofing contractor, has the expertise and experience to help you choose the right metal roof for your home. Drawing on our decades of experience in the industry, we can help you find the right metal roof for your needs. We’ll guide you through the various types and styles of metal roofing, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Then we’ll help you select a product that will last for years to come — one that not only looks great but also protects your home from the elements and keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter!

Moreover, our expert roofers are trained to install all types of metal roofing and specialized in installing standing seam metal roofs. Further boasting a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a service that exceeds expectations, we offer full roofing services for commercial, residential, and industrial customers.  So, when it comes to metal roofing, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact us today for a free estimate and learn how we can help protect your home and business from the elements with our expert installation services.

Five Reasons to Hire Edmond Roofing Pros... The premier Edmond Roofer.
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1. Our hallmarks are our quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our roofers ensure these two qualities.

2. We are a licensed, insured roofing company in Edmond OK with a solid track record.

3. Before beginning every job, we perform a roof review accompanied by a free estimate.  There are no surprises when it comes to the quality roofing we provide.

4. We offer competitive prices and quality work with friendly service.  There are plenty of roofers in Edmond, but our value is unmatched.

5. Our trained and knowledgeable staff and roofing teams work hard to meet your roofing needs.

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