Need a completely new roof?  Edmond Roofing Pros has you covered.  Our roof installation service is our most requested service.  We will develop a plan that meets your budget and needs.  Our roofing technicians will walk you through the roof installation process and will answer questions you may have.  We want to be your roof installation team and will go to great lengths to keep you happy.

Got a leaky roof?  We can fix that.  Often times, repairing a roof can add years to its lifespan.  From simple repairs to large scale restorations, our roof repair service handles all types of roof repair jobs.  We will provide you with a free inspection that will detail all the work we will complete as well as a timeline for project completion.  Let Edmond Roofing Pros save you thousands by bringing that old roof back to life!

Tree fall on your house in the middle of the night?  Call us.  We are awake and ready to rock.  That’s right, we provide 24/7 emergency roofing service.  When those big thunderstorms roll through, you can rest easy knowing that Edmond Roofing Pros is ready to pounce if things get ugly with your roof.  We have seen it all and are ready to protect the things under your roof, including your valuables and possessions…and yes…the people too.  We literally have you covered when it comes to emergency roofing.

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