SPF Roofing

Installation of SPF Roofing

SPF is used for commercial roofing systems that are of flat or low-slope construction. Not suitable for all applications, SPF roof materials are quickly applied and have a good R-value rating. There are three parts, the substrate, aka the base or roof deck, the SPF layer, and the topcoat. When installing SPF systems, weather conditions, temperature, and moisture are major drawbacks. Even slight moisture existing on the roof deck, or substrate, negatively affects the adhesion of the foam. The best weather conditions should be warm, dry, with little to no wind movement. Insufficient roof drainage, does not work well for SPF roof systems. 

For best results, low-slope or flat roofs, need to have good drainage. The topcoat cannot be hampered by improper spray application and moisture collection on the base or in any of the layers. Preparation of the roof surface is of paramount importance. Moisture, weather, improper application  methods, unclean surfaces, and failure to install a solid roof deck, ultimately compromises the integrity of an SPF roof system. For best results, remove old roof materials. A clean roof deck allows for better application and adhesion of the spray foam material. When properly installed, an SPF roof system lasts for many years.

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