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Tile Roofing Installation

Tile roofs are beautiful, heavy, expensive, and  durable. Aesthetically pleasing, tile roofing systems last as long as 100 years. The tiles look charming on homes and businesses alike. Roof tiles are typically a terra cotta color. However, various colors are orange, blue, teal, brown, green, cream, gray, or other colors. Some roof tiles systems are created using alternating colors like orange, green, cream, and brown tiles. Though unnecessary, some people like to paint roof tiles. Care should be taken to avoid cracking and breaking the tiles. Originally made from slate or fired clay, modern tile roofing is produced using clay, slate, or molded tinted concrete. 

Available in various shapes and styles, popular shapes include flat, curved, fluted, or interlocking. Pros: Tile roof systems are long-lasting, energy-efficient, won’t decay, resistant to insect damage, and have up to a 50-year limited lifetime warranty. The tiles may be recycled and require minimal maintenance. Rarely, do tile roofs leak or break. Roof tiles are produced to resemble traditional shingles or wood shake roof material. Cons: Due to high cost, clay roof tiles cost two to three times more than asphalt roof shingles. Installing roof tiles is more expensive than a traditional asphalt shingle roof system. The tiles are very heavy and a sturdy structure is needed to support the weight. When struck by heavy branches, the tiles can break or crack. Roof tile installation, replacement, or repair is an expensive process.

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